Flyted is an innovative start-up that collects strategic data on structures and territory.

The company employs UAS (Unmanned Aerial Systems, or drones) and topographic-grade aerial and ground laser scanners to carry out surveys in the field of design, construction and maintenance of assets in the sectors: Transport Infrastructure, Telecommunications Infrastructure, Energy Infrastructure and Real Estate.

The main services provided are geo-referenced survey, inspection and monitoring, with production of Point Clouds, 3D Digital Twins, CAD drawings, BIM models, photogrammetric mesh and orthophotos, high resolution RGB images and 360° photographs. The integration of those services allows to perform in-depth analyzes, both visual and structural, about the “As-Built” or the design and construction phases of an asset.

Flyted delivers millimeter-accurate results in a tenth of the times compared to traditional methods while eliminating workplace hazards.

The team has conceived and developed “TED”, a proprietary Information Management platform on the “cloud”, which presents an interactive catalog of the managed infrastructures, together with geo-referenced 3D Digital Twins, in order to verify the current conditions, carry out automated visual inspections by leveraging Artificial Intelligence, program maintenance activities and integrate sensors for the static monitoring of infrastructures and the territory.

Flyted completed investment rounds with leading public and private equity firms such as CDP Venture Capital SGR S.p.A. and AVM Gestioni SGR S.p.A.. The Company is part of United S.p.A., a group of companies which operate internationally in the field of Security&Safety and specializes in the planning, construction and management of strategic infrastructures and national interest sites. Furthermore, Flyted won the national competition for innovative startups – Smart & Start Invitalia.

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