Digital Twin – LIDAR

Flyted, following the detection of data with LiDAR technique by laser scanner, produces 3D geo-referenced Digital Twins of the target asset with an accuracy up to 5 mm.

For the purposes of producing the Digital Twin of a structure, the method of acquiring data from laser scanners, terrestrial and airborne (transported by UAS), is the most precise from a geometric standpoint, being able to detect the actual state (“As-built”) of the asset. The survey campaign output is a Point Cloud which represents the geometry with millimeter precision.

The following phase of processing the point cloud, with a CAD or BIM modeling, is aimed to reconstruct the asset and its components with an up to LOD F level of detail.

Through our surveys, we can also create a three-dimensional reconstruction of the territory, returning a georeferenced 3D model where to calculate volumes, measurements and altimetric profiles.

Our aerial laser scanners, transported by UAS, are excellent in penetrating vegetation and generating accurate DTM (Digital Terrain Model) and DEM (Digital Elevation Model).

Digital Twin – Photogrammetry

The Digital Twin produced using aerial photogrammetric techniques is aimed to obtain hyper-realistic models and represent the original texture of the detected object. The output is a polygon mesh, able to show the smallest structure’s details, which is ideal to perform visual inspections and monitor the conditions. Photogrammetry is an acquisition technique that uses specific software to generate a georeferenced 3D model through the triangulation of the data recorded by the images.

Photographic inspections

We perform accurate infrastructure inspections, operating the most efficient sensors to return specific data. The visible spectrum (RGB) images are collected with full-frame (61mp) or medium format (100mp) cameras with calibrated lenses and 360-degree imaging sensors. We can then integrate LWIR (radiometric IR), SWIR and hyperspectral bands, with resolution up to 1000 bands.

TED – The Everything Data

TED is an Information Management platform built to manage strategic data of assets, in order to verify conditions, carry out calculations for distances, areas and volumes, other than schedule maintenance activities.

TED offers unique functions particularly developed to integrate different kinds of data, providing the Client with an overview of its assets and the associated information through interactive tables and maps. By selecting an asset, the user access a dedicated section, where to find detailed information, add notes, plan operations and view data that has been collected and processed, such as BIM models, laser scanner point clouds and high-resolution inspection images.

TED is also equipped with artificial intelligence systems based on deep learning and neural networks that can analyze inspection images, detect and catalog deteriorations autonomously and almost instantaneously, with up to 97% accuracy to date.

In addition to decimating time, the artificial intelligence system has an accuracy up to 2 times higher than that obtained on average through a canonical visual inspection.

We operate in the sector of transport infrastructure of telecommunication infrastructure of energy infrastructure of real estate